High-quality and Durable BME Truck Doors

compartment doors in BME tubular fire body BME Fire Truck doors set the wildland fire truck standard with a tubular aluminum frame, stainless steel piano hinges, insulated intersections, overlapping doors, and a double catch design. We build our trucks like your life depends on it, because it does.

What makes BME’s doors unique?

Fire trucks are not built equal, especially those manufactured by BME. We design and build each piece of our apparatus with durability in mind. 

What sets BME doors apart from competitors?

  1. The tubular aluminum frame
  2. Stainless steel piano hinges
  3. Insulated intersections with a double-seal design
  4. Double catch design

The Tubular Aluminum Frame

BME’s tubular construction creates fire truck doors that can meet the extreme conditions of firefighting. The tubular frame adds rigidity and strength to the door, making it the most robust, durable door on the market.

Stainless Steel Piano Hinges

Our stainless steel piano hinges provide exceptional performance and show the quality that we put into our doors. Our hinges have unparalleled strength and provide endurance and longevity to your apparatus’ doors. BME welds and buffs both ends of the hinge to ensure there are no future mechanical failures. 

Insulated Intersections with a Double Seal Design

Our double seal design provides a dual seal that keeps out dust and water and is low maintenance. BME doors are attached to the tubular body, and won’t have issues moving, sagging, or breaking. The insulated intersection provides denting protection to ensure your fire crew is always protected. 

Double Catch Design

Slam Latch on Fire Truck doors

The double catch design is made with slam latches allowing it to repeatedly be shut or slammed without degrading its ability to lock or close over time.  Our truck’s industrial-grade doors are ready to stand up to even the heaviest use. 

Why are these things important?

BME Fire Truck door design When you open and close that door, we want to ensure that your doors are structurally sound and as solid as the engine. To have confidence in your apparatus, you need to know that everything is built to your department’s expectations. Our goal is to meet those standards or exceed them. You can always see the quality of a fire truck by the little things that a manufacturer implements into every build. From our tubular body to our doors, the little things matter. Your safety matters. 

The BME Difference

When considering innovative manufacturing practices, BME is constantly updating to improve the functionality and safety of our wildland apparatus. Year after year, our apparatus continue to perform and exceed the expectations of firefighters in the field. All BME Fire apparatus go through the same design and build process, no matter the cost or size of the build.  BME started a dare to compare campaign, asking departments to compare us to other fire truck manufacturers by creating a process that makes sure your fire truck fits the needs of your department. That’s the BME difference.

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