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The Signature BME Fire Body

We build all of our fire apparatus with your safety in mind. BME’s tubular construction creates a frame around the body that helps protect the cab and its occupants.

Tubular construction creates a more robust, more durable, long-lasting fire body that can meet the extreme conditions of firefighting. In addition, independent compartments allow the body to flex and move without compromising the body’s integrity.

What Makes the BME Signature Body So Unique?

  • Tubular body
  • Safety and Durability
  • 20-year warranty

Tubular Fire Apparatus Body

The BME body exoskeleton is built out of tubular steel. The exoskeleton on our engines are made for the harshest environments that fire engines are put through regularly. 

Our engineers use three-dimensional modeling software to create the most innovative, sustainable, and reliable engine body.

Our compartments are not part of the exoskeleton. Instead, they’re integrated inside of the exoskeleton. 

We do this because we allow some separation between compartments so that the body can flex and move over some of the rough environments that it goes through. 

We continue to innovate our bodies to fit your department’s needs and always with your firefighters’ safety in mind. 

The Safest Fire Body

BME Signature Tubular Body Rendering

Because our bodies are built on an exoskeleton frame, it creates the safest structure on the market. 

The BME tubular body is the safest and longest-lasting structure. In addition, our bodies are built at cab height which increases survivability in the event of a rollover.

The bodies are built with this type of construction for durability and an added layer of safety for firefighting personnel. On our existing Type 3, Type 4, and Tactical Tenders, we have elevated the tube behind the cab to add a layer of rollover protection.

We recently sent one of our bodies for NFPA structural testing

During the NFPA test, they place 50,000 pounds of pressure on an engine’s roof, and as long as it doesn’t crush it more than 5 inches, a truck would pass the test. 

Our body passed the test and barely flexed under pressure, only crushing our body less than an eighth of an inch. 

20-year warranty

We are so confident in our body that we offer an optional 20-year warranty.  

We think offering a 20-year warranty on our bodies is important because over 70 percent of departments rely on volunteer firefighters or don’t have an apparatus replacement program. That’s why we build our trucks to last.

We pride ourselves on the durability and longevity of our vehicles. Because of our tubular construction, our bodies are safe, long-lasting, and easy to repair. 


Our engines are put through the most extreme tests. Yet, year after year, our trucks continue to perform and exceed the expectations of firefighters in the field.

BME’s signature body gets you where you need to go, gets the job done, and gets you home at the end of the day. We build our trucks like your life depends on it.

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