We Are Wildland

Building Fire Apparatus Since 1990

BME Fire Trucks is more than a fire truck manufacturer. We opened our doors over 30 years ago because of our respect and admiration for the fire industry. Each and every apparatus that leaves our facility is built with its end-use in mind. Our team prides itself in building something that protects and serves departments across the US and Canada. BME has manufactured apparatus for CAL FIRE, BLM, USFS, and municipal fire departments across the US and is the branded leader in wildland fire apparatus.

Being a family-owned company, we make sure that people are at the foundation of our business. From dealer to department, every person that walks through our doors will always be treated like family. We will always work with you and your department to ensure you have what you need for the frontlines.

Every apparatus that leaves our facility is inspected for safety, durability, and performance. Our mission is to continue innovating fire apparatus so that it will perform no matter the severity of the fire season. That’s the BME difference.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to manufacture the absolute best fire apparatus on the market. We value our customers and promote a collaborative effort that helps us create better products and designs. We care about each customer, as individuals, and recognize that those relationships are more than just part of our job. Whether you are calling to talk to the Parts Department or the President of our company, we will answer your call and take care of your needs.

The BME DIfference
President's Message

It has been 8 years since I became involved in BME. I have met many firefighters, mechanics, chiefs, and managers in the fire industry that are not only great clients but amazing people and friends. The fire industry still amazes me because… I get to build fire trucks, work with amazing people, and be involved in something that makes a difference in so many peoples’ lives.  

I would struggle to write a letter without expressing my gratitude for the many people who have been involved with BME and our growth over the last 8 years. There are too many to thank but so many have made a difference. I am grateful for all the employees who put in long hours, solved problems, and helped make BME a better place. I am also grateful for all the departments that gave this little company a chance, and let us build your wildland trucks when you didn’t know how it would turn out. We were never perfect, we made mistakes along the way but our employees and customers trusted us, helped us, and allowed us to grow. Where we are today is a testament to all of us working together to make something incredible happen.  

The question now is where do we go from here….

We are excited about this relationship. Not only will it allow BME products to be sold in more markets, but it also allows BME to collaborate with Pierce on some cutting-edge products and engines that will continue to push the wildland envelope.

The new facility is a game-changer for BME and wildland. We will be able to produce multiple lines of trucks simultaneously, double production, and increase our efficiency of flow in many areas of fabrication and assembly. These changes will help BME lower costs and continue to provide some of the best-valued apparatus in the market.

Utilizing the Pierce Dealerships and Service centers will allow BME to better serve our customers with better response times, training, service locations, and options. BME will still provide the same customer experience but dealers will enhance our ability to communicate and market BME products. Dealers will also have BME parts and Service centers that will keep our engines on the road.

BME continues to develop our 3D design software for engine collaboration, design, and fabrication. Customers will have a 3D view of their truck before production and have the opportunity to better explore 3D drawings to confirm layout, measurements, plumbing, etc. before the engine is built.

BME has the best employees in Idaho and over the next 12-18 months we will look at adding over 100 more people to our staff. Our growth over the last 8 years has been tremendous but new hires will help us better expand operations and production to meet the needs of our wildland customers.

There is so much work to do over the next 12 months but with our partners, customers, and employees we are looking forward to the future with optimism. Our customers and BME both have high expectations but together we can and will exceed those expectations. BME will continue with your help to build the best wildland trucks on the market.

The BME Promise

Fire trucks are a large investment for any department, we invite you and your staff to visit our facility and see firsthand “Why BME?” We will show you firsthand what we are doing to keep your people safe, change the face of Wildland firefighting, and build the best fire trucks on the market.