Your Wildland Leader

We build high-quality, durable fire trucks made to withstand the harsh environments your department may face. We understand that wildfires are becoming harder to predict, and at BME, we build apparatus that will serve and protect your crew. Your profession is our passion.

Type 3

  • 500 Gallon Poly Tank / 20 Gallon Foam Cell
  • Pump and Roll Capability
  • 500 GPM Pump


  • 750 Gallon Poly Tank
  • 1000-1250-1500 GPM Pump Options
  • Qualifies for Type 1 ISO specifications but can be utilized as a Wildland Engine

Type 4

  • 800 Gallon Poly Tank / 25 Gallon Foam Cell
  • Dual Booster Reels
  • Up to 250 GMP Auxiliary Pump