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The BME Difference: Why Buy BME?

When your life is on the line, performance and details matter. We never compromise on quality because your safety is all that matters.  At BME, we understand that every second on the job counts, and we tailor customizations to match your requirements. By using a precision-based process, BME can deliver high-quality fire apparatus that meets fire departments’ needs. As you consider your next investment in fire apparatus, you may want to understand why the BME difference matters.

Why BME?

All BME Fire apparatus go through the same design and build process, no matter the cost or size of the build.  BME started a dare to compare campaign, asking departments to compare us to other fire truck manufacturers by creating a process that makes sure your fire truck is high-quality, durable, and fits the needs of your department. That’s the BME difference.

  • Signature fire body
  • Stainless Steel Plumbing
  • Seven-Step Paint Process
  • High-quality and durable double-sealed doors
  • Custom fabrication
  • Direct wiring
  • Non-Proprietary Parts and Service

Signature Fire Body

In 2017 alone, more than 15,000 fire department vehicles were involved in collisions nationwide. We build all of our fire apparatus with your safety in mind. BME’s tubular construction creates a frame around the body that helps protect the cab and its occupants. The tubular construction creates a more robust, more durable, and long-lasting fire body that can meet the extreme conditions of firefighting. Independent compartments allow the body to flex and move without compromising the body’s integrity.

Stainless Steel Plumbing

All our plumbing is stainless steel. We made stainless steel part of the BME difference because it lasts longer, functions better, and is of higher quality. Vics fittings and easy access to our plumbing create engines that can be serviced and repaired in the field. We make repairing our plumbing so easy that you can change the BME Cal Fire model 34 pump in a Walmart parking lot.

Seven-Step Paint Process

For 30 years, our seven-step paint process has been one of our strongest points when building our trucks.  BME has developed a painting process that focuses on exceptional quality. We are committed to building the best apparatus. This applies to all areas, from the steel body down to the level of paint used. Our seven-step paint process creates a shine that lasts, and we back it up with a complete non-prorated seven-year warranty. 

High-quality and Durable Double Sealed Doors

Our truck door design sets the wildland fire truck standard with a tubular aluminum frame, stainless steel piano hinges, insulated intersections, overlapping doors with a double seal, and a double catch design. This design makes BME doors the most durable doors on the market. Our truck door design allows for low maintenance and prevents moving, sagging, or breaking. The double seal keeps dirt, water, and debris from entering the compartment.

Custom Fabrication

At BME, we strive to set the standard for customization and service that meets your department’s needs. We build custom-built bumpers, consoles, and other additions to the apparatus. Departments can request something to make their apparatus custom and unique to them. We make sure that your truck meets your environmental-specific requirements.

Direct Wiring

At BME, our electronic system isn’t one-size-fits-all. BME wiring is the lifeblood of our trucks. Our hard-wired or multi-plex system makes sure that your engine is protected from all environmental hazards and can easily be repaired in the field. 

Non-Proprietary Parts and Service

Repair, service, and parts costs are lower at BME. We make access to non-proprietary parts and service easy.  We build our engines with parts that are always in stock at BME. You can even purchase parts for your BME vehicle directly. This allows for lower maintenance costs by not having to use manufacturer-specific features.  We keep all of our parts in stock for model 34s and other BME engines so they can be shipped or delivered to your facility within 24 to 48 hours. This prevents downtime and allows your engine to be in service for longer.


You always get more than you pay for with a BME. BME trucks are high-quality, and durable, and set the standards for Wildland fire apparatus. We don’t cut corners and make sure your engine exceeds your expectations. 

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