Our Commitment to Firefighters

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It’s no secret that firefighters face a unique set of hazards when responding to a fire, whether structure or wildland. Firefighting equipment or gear failing should not be a concern when operating in dangerous environments. We know that while each apparatus we build plays a role in firefighting efforts, it is ultimately the firefighters who put in the hard work, risking their lives to protect our communities day in and day out. For this reason we are invested in the safety and experiences of each individual firefighter and department that steps foot in a BME apparatus. As a small family-run company, we believe in treating our clients as one of our own, from our initial meeting to thirty years down the line. We are dedicated and proud to build lifesaving equipment; nothing is more rewarding than seeing our apparatus perform in the field. We strive to innovate wildland apparatus, manufacturing processes, and the way we interact with each member of the BME family. When you join the BME family you have the guarantee of apparatus safety and support long after delivery. Throughout the years we have built connections with the firefighters that use our apparatus, listening to each client and using their feedback to guide our innovations. Our inspiration for safety comes from following the stories of the men and women on the front lines. Previous Next

We Are Wildland

To bring our family together we have created a motto: We Are Wildland. This is more than just a slogan we use, it’s a statement that represents the firefighters we are proud to serve and a precedent we have set as a manufacturer. We offer the safest wildland apparatus on the market and it’s a result of the brave men and women who operate them. When you see the BME logo or We Are Wildland on an engine, shirt, hat, or sticker, you’ll know it has been built to the utmost standards of quality and durability. Firefighters wearing the BME badge is a great honor. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for agencies like the US Forest Service or CAL FIRE trusting in us. Support from municipal departments has allowed us to grow in our custom apparatus capabilities. As proud as we are to see others wearing the BME badge, we believe firefighters are proud to be a part of our family. Our annual calendar wouldn’t be possible without the support of departments who have purchased our apparatus and captured photos of them in the field. We would like to personally thank each employee, department, agency and vendor that has contributed to the growth of Boise Mobile Equipment. Amazing vendors like WhelenTomarDarleyHannay Reels, Cox Reels, Elkhart BrassUPFFoam ProHale and many more allow us to build quality products. Our marketing efforts are supported by great companies like Silverline FilmsSOLVUprintingBSN Sports, Firehouse Magazine, Fire Engineering Magazine, and Sticker MuleCustom vinyl stickers have allowed us to show off our BME logo but also design items focused on the firefighters we serve.


“Thanks BME for building such a wonderful product that will protect our first responders and community! Your impact in California will last for generations to come!! JOSE BELTRANCAL FIRE “I just wanted to take a minute and express our gratitude towards you and your company. Our new Type 3 has already exceeded our expectations and I’m sure the more we test the capabilities of it, it will continue to impress. You and your staff have done an outstanding job, from beginning to end with this process. Thank you again, we can’t wait to put it to the test on an actual fire, but I’m positive we will be far better off than we ever have been in the past.” TOM BAUMGARTENFire Chief, Hot Sulphur Springs / Parshall Fire Protection District “I have been working on fire apparatus specifications and body designs for many years and as a result have been been able to observe many different apparatus as they get used in front line service. The BME vehicles have an excellent reputation due to their engineering design and body mounting system.” TOM W. SHANDPartner, Emergency Vehicle Response “As far as Cal-Pines Fire is concerned BME and all of its people are Top Notch. Our next engine will have a BME badge on it for certain. Thanks again Matt I truly appreciate all you guys did for us” Ryan ShererCal Pines Fire Department “BME makes the best quality truck around! Our 2017 Type 3 is pure sexiness! The BME staff makes you feel like family. We love our Model 34. We love the crews who worked diligently to build us such an amazing, rugged, and well-built rig!” David GirardinChief, Security Fire Department “Thank you guys for your dedication and help in making the new brush apparatus for our department. So very excited to see the finished product! Wanted to thank you guys again for the hard work you do and for helping us give better service to our community. We will forever be grateful.” Lake Elsinore Explorers 297 “You can order a BME with full confidence of getting superior workmanship that will deliver a planned 15 to 20 years of service with no problem. BME manufactures the FINEST wildland apparatus…. period.” Greg R. Retried Oregon Firefighter “We are so thankful for the amount of pride and love your workers put into their job. We know we can go anywhere safely.” Anthony PatalanoSecurity Fire Department “BME has great people who care about putting quality equipment in our firefighter’s hands.” Chris PetersonMario Deputy Fire Chief “BME is a fine company to work with, and is willing to stand behind the product you produce! I have always had good things to pass on to others about BME.” Doug TweedyBrighton Fire Rescue Previous Next

Safety Starts Here

Safer, more effective firefighting begins with a dependable, high-quality BME Wildland Fire Apparatus. We continue in our commitment to not only build the best in the industry, but also, the safest. We are often asked what makes a BME fire engine different from other manufacturers, we made this video to show you what sets us apart from the competition. Thank you to Silverline Films for creating this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoG6gR3L9WI&list=PLTnBDIwfs0cVVBpP4eSaIuXdCSvvyks7L&index=2

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