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BME Galvanic Corrosion Investigation Report

Rumors have circulated that BME’s fire apparatuses have product quality issues in maintaining corrosion resistance over the life of the apparatus. We take these claims seriously and seek to provide our customers with honest answers. These concerns are, however, baseless as BME has been providing top quality apparatuses to our many clients for over 30 years. Our commitment to quality without compromise has no limits, giving you the confidence to focus on the work that matters. We design from the ground up with tough corrosion problems in mind, through our attention to detail and insistence on quality.

In designing our fire apparatuses, our engineers consider the worst case to ensure the safety and reliability of the trucks you depend on. From using compatible metals in the design of the frame to following industry protocols in separating metal parts with tape or gaskets, we treat corrosion prevention on our frames with great care. Through an independent verification of the steps we take to prevent corrosion, it was found that our trucks go beyond the necessary precautions to ensure the reliability of their construction.

As is the BME way, we take no shortcuts in making sure your truck will be the best your money can buy in all facets of safety, reliability, and functionality. The rumors of corrosion issues in our products are not consistent with our commitment to quality, nor the reality of our practice. Feel free to download the full engineering report below to learn more.

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