BME Emergency Vehicle Upfitting Partners with Local Gun Lock Manufacturer

bme upfitting partners with blac-rac gun locks

To uphold our commitment to building the safest, most durable apparatus, we are meticulous in choosing the products we rely on to build BME fire apparatus. That care extends to every division of the Boise Mobile Equipment team, including BME Emergency Vehicle Upfitting. As the largest regional upfitter of fire command and law enforcement vehicles, it is crucial that the equipment we use from radios and consoles to lighting and firearm security meet our high standards of excellence. 

Locally Manufactured, Internationally Installed

As an Idaho-based manufacturer that started from humble beginnings, we appreciate working with local small businesses that are as dedicated to safety and quality as BME. But Blac-Rac Manufacturing’s Boise-based production wasn’t what first led us to their gun locks. In fact, it was a YouTube video showing how different gun locks respond to break-in attempts that initially caught our eye, sent to us by a client looking for superior firearm security. 

That being said, we are very proud to have these internationally trusted gun locks manufactured in our neck of the woods. From their Boise, Idaho factory, Blac-Rac has shipped over 70,000 gun locks worldwide, including 6 different countries, 53 military bases, and 60,000 law enforcement agencies.

blac-rac manufacturing factory in boise

Over our two years of experience with Blac-Rac Manufacturing, we have found their gun locks to be one of the most secure and durable weapon retention systems on the market. With all steel construction and covered take-down pins, Blac-Rac makes their gun locks virtually impossible to break into by the average thief. Its versatile design also makes it a popular gun mount among our law enforcement clients, clamping around the lower receiver of the firearm to accommodate a wide range of weapon types and optics. These factors, along with quick deployment times and easy installation, make the Blac-Rac our go-to gun lock for police vehicle upfits.

emergency vehicle upfitting

A One-Stop Shop for First Responders

When we upfit fire and law vehicles at BME Emergency Vehicle Upfitting, quality is our top priority. While our clients appreciate the quick turnaround times that we pride ourselves on, we will never sacrifice quality in the process. Working with reliable companies like Blac-Rac Manufacturing is part of what makes that possible. As with BME Fire Trucks, our clients can trust that every vehicle we upfit will exemplify the BME Difference, providing safety, durability, and quality performance in the line of duty.

If your department is looking for a reliable emergency vehicle upfitter, visit our upfitting services page or email for more information.

Community Honors Idaho Fallen Firefighters

idaho fallen firefighters statue by rusty talbot
A bronze statue, created by Idaho artist Agnes Vincent "Rusty" Talbot, stands at the center of the Idaho Fallen Firefighters Memorial Plaza where communities from across Idaho gather to remember the firefighters who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.

Firefighters from across Idaho gathered on Friday, September 6 to remember and honor their fallen comrades at the annual Idaho Fallen Firefighters Memorial Ceremony. Both the ceremony and its venue, the Idaho Fallen Firefighters Memorial Park, were steeped in time-honored tradition, a moving tribute to the men and women who sacrificed everything to protect their communities.

The ceremony opened to the rousing call of pipes and drums. The Boise Fire Department Pipe & Drum Band and a statewide honor guard filed down the greenway to raise the flags of country, state, and community, marching past a wall of names. Speakers took the podium to honor and reflect upon the legacy of those names.

“They were the epitome of humility when it came to doing the job they did,” said Boise Fire Department Chief Dennis Doan. “Never wanting to bring the spotlight of attention on themselves for their work protecting others.”

It is only fitting, then, that they be honored and remembered for their selfless acts of courage. At the center of the plaza stands a life-size bronze statue of three firefighters, one fallen in the line of duty. His brothers support and mourn him. It serves as a moving representation of the unique bond shared among the fire community, and their incredible commitment and sacrifice.

idaho honor guard closes memorial ceremony
The honor guard marches back down the plaza to close the Idaho Fallen Firefighters Memorial Ceremony.
ringing the bell to honor fallen firefighters
A member of the honor guard rings a bell to pay tribute to each of Idaho's fallen firefighters.

A Legacy of Tradition

Traditions are also shared among the fire community, and several were observed in the course of the ceremony. Pipes and drums, preceded by the “ringing of the bell,” concluded the ceremony in respectful remembrance. Two bells were rung three times for each name that was read, signalling honor to those who had fallen in the line of duty. Members of the Honor Guard laid roses at the foot of the statue for each of the fallen.

firefighters memorial salute
A member of the honor guard salutes in respect after laying a rose in memory of one of Idaho's fallen firefighters.

But there are other traditions, as Coeur d’Alene Fire Department Chief Kenny Gabriel pointed out, that are better left in the past. “In my career I’ve seen huge changes…the days where wearing a breathing apparatus was a show of weakness,” he said in a call for cultivating a “culture of safety” in the fire industry. Cancer, heart disease, roadway incidents, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have claimed far too many lives, and there are more steps, he urged the community, that can be taken to prevent them. 

Indeed, PTSD and suicide are both major threats facing first responders. A Ruderman Family Foundation study found that suicides were more common among firefighters and police officers in 2017 than line-of-duty deaths. It is an issue that the nation’s fire community has been increasing their efforts to tackle by providing resources for their comrades struggling with mental health. A number of those resources are listed below, including mental health and suicide prevention hotlines.

Supporting Idaho Firefighters

Support for the fire community continues to be an important part of local and statewide organizations. Boise Mayor Dave Bieter recounted the city’s efforts in securing a riverside location for the Idaho Fallen Firefighters Memorial Park eleven years ago, and extended the city’s support to the Boise Fire Training Facility. “Whatever we can do in the city of Boise to help you,” he said, “please don’t hesitate to call.” 

The Idaho Fallen Firefighters Foundation is another key supporter of the state’s firefighters. Their joint effort with the city of Boise founded the Idaho Fallen Firefighters Memorial Park in 2008. Tyler Roundtree, speaking at this park more than a decade later, summed up the foundation’s mission: “We believe it is our goal to touch the hearts of all family members, supporting you today, and providing you the recognition you all deserve.”

Today the Idaho Fallen Firefighters Foundation continues their mission to honor the lives of firefighters who have died in the line of duty, provide support for their families, and promote the health and safety of Idaho firefighters. The organization holds community events to fund these efforts, including the annual Boise Mustache Memorial Ride

At Boise Mobile Equipment, it is the unparalleled devotion and camaraderie of the fire community that inspires us to build safe and reliable fire apparatus. We are proud to serve this industry of heroes in our state and across the nation.

Firefighter Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources

BME acquires 75,000 sq. ft. in New Facilities

BME is expanding

Boise Mobile Equipment (BME), a fire apparatus manufacturer located in Boise, Idaho, is expanding its facilities and its product lines. Known best for being the industry leader in the wildland market, BME has just acquired two new warehouses: one 25,000 square feet, and one 50,000 square feet, to meet increasing demand and to produce innovative new firefighting vehicles.

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BME Becomes Official Sutphen Dealer for Fire Apparatuses in the Western US

In August, 2017, Boise Mobile Equipment (BME) partnered up with Sutphen Corporation as part of the Sutphen dealer network program, becoming its official sales and service representative in the Western United States.

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