The Sawtooth

Tubular Exoskeleton Aluminum Body

300-400 Gallon Water Tank

WInch and Lighting Package

Pump and Roll Capability

The Sawtooth is built to surpass all other wildland apparatus on the market. The unique fire body has an aluminum tubular exoskeleton covered and protected with 3/16″ aluminum panels and quarter-inch steel rocker panels on the bottom of the compartments. 

This engine has custom-made tubular undercarriage protection to minimize rock damage and up to 41-inch tires on a 4-6 inch lift.

  • Xtreme Fire body with upper storage
  • ¼ Rock guards on the wheel wells
  • BME Custom Front bumper with integrated lighting package
  • Custom step package and winch control system.


10 Year Body Warranty

The Xtreme body has a tubular exoskeleton covered by 3/16 inch aluminum panels and ¼ steel rocker panels. The body comes with a 10 year warranty.

Custom designed Poly Tank

300-400 gallon custom tank options with an optional custom storage rack over the back of the body. The custom tank is designed to sit low in the vehicle and enhance off road capabilities. The Xtreme tilt-tested at 37 degrees.

Pumps Configuration

Darley or Waterous Pumps Configuration


Winch, custom steps, and custom lighting package

Recent Builds

20220727 3345 47
San Francisco Fire Department
Xtreme Type 6
Delivered July 2022
dsc 0179
Xtreme6 Demo #3376
Xtreme Type 6
Delivered July 2022

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