The Bighorn

Safety – Cab Height Body

International HV 507 chassis

750 Gallons Poly tank

Angle of Approach 31.6 degrees

The Bighorn is the BME WUI engine on a commercial chassis with a modified model 34 body. BME uses the traditional model 34 body configuration with a 33” stretch to accommodate the larger pump, ladder complement, and body configuration.


Truck Dimensions

Overall Length 356″

Wheel Base 205″

Angle of Approach 31.6 degrees and Angle of Departure +20 degrees

International HV 507 Chassis with Cummins L-9 engine 350 HP and 1150 lb.ft of torque

ISO Rated 1901 Compliant

The WUI is fully compliant with a Darley LSP 1000 gallon PTO pump, 1.5 AGE Auxiliary Pump, Hydraulic Zico Ladder rack for ground ladder storage, and room to carry hose and gear. It also is plumbed for an optional Deck Gun.

750 Gallon Poly-tank

The WUI comes with a 750 Gallon Poly tank and a 20 gallon foam cell.

ROI, Safety, and Durability

With an ISO rating and the ability to pump and roll this engine has the ability to respond in any environment: structural and wildland. The BME Tubular body adds additional safety making it one of the most dependable engines on the market.

Midship or PTO options

The WUI engine comes with multiple pump packages that range from 1000-1500 gpm. Pump packages are offered in Dalrey, Waterous, or Hale. The WUI also has an optional auxiliary 24 HP Kubota engine with Darley or Waterous pump configurations.

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