The Cascade

Freightliner or International Chassis Options

Darley or Waterous 1250 GPM Pump

1000 Gallon Offload

3000 Gallon Water Tank

The Cascade is a BME custom-designed water tender with 3000 gallons of water, a 180-degree dump shoot, optional side discharges, and a 1250 GPM Pump. The tender not only moves water but is effective for structure protection or dual-use. 


International or Freightliner Chassis

International HV 613 with an International A-26 engine, 450 HP, and 1750 lb.ft of torque.

Freightliner 114 SD with a Cummins X-12, 455 HP, and 1700 lb.ft of torque.

3000 Gallon Water tank

The Cascade comes with a 3000 Gallon Poly Tank, 20-gallon Foam Cell, and a 180-degree swivel with 1000 gpm offload capacity. The tender also has a standard 3000-gallon fold-a -tank and Zico rack, Foam Pro 2001 or optional Husky Foam system, and hose bed storage.

Pump Options

The Cascade offers both Darley and Waterous pump options:

Darley LDM 1500 gpm (1000-1750 gpm options), 1500 gallons at 150 psi.

Waterous CSCU20 1500 gpm pump, 1500 gpm at 100 psi.

Deck Monitory and Foam

The Cascade is set up and plumbed for a deck monitor and utilizes a Foam Pro 2001 system or optional Husky Foam systems.

Recent Builds

dsc 0001
BLM #3326
Water Tender