Ford, Dodge, International chassis options

Rescue body configuration

Multiple pump options, Darley and Waterous

250-300 Gallon Poly tank

The Ponderosa type 6 is the ideal urban quick response vehicle. Designed with a rescue body configuration it provides a multi-platform for fire suppression and rescue. Integrated 1.5 Darley 24HP Kubota auxiliary pump, 250-gallon poly-tank, long handle tool storage, backboards, and paramedic gear compartments that keep you and your crew organized and ready for frequent quick responses.

  • Multi-use Rescue body configuration
  • 250 Gallons of Water / 10 Gallon Foam Cell
  • Quick Response
  • SCBA bottle storage


Rescue Body Configuration

Ideal vehicle for urban Department Quick Response.

Lighting Package

Whelen Pioneer Telelights with rescue scene lighting package


Fully enclosed pump area with service access and upper dunnage storage. 

Body Configuration

Backboard, long handle, tools storage with Rescue/paramedic compartments.

Recent Builds

dsc 0322 (1)
Chiloquin Fire and Rescue
Type 6
Delivered August 2022
white recipe box cards simple (5)
Iowa Park Volunteer Fire Department
Type 6
Delivered August 2022
dsc 0299
Caldwell Fire Department
Type 6
Delivered July 2022
review 20220603 3402(93)
National City Fire Department
Type 6
Delivered June 2022
dsc 0044
West Benton Fire Rescue
Type 6
Delivered April 2022
dsc 0076
Castle Rock - Type 6
Type 6
Delivered March 2022
bme delivery 2021 type 6 murrieta fire 3
Type 6
Delivered March 2021
bme apparatus crew-carrier yosemite gallery
Type 6
Delivered March 2022

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