Chassis – International HV 507 or Freightliner M-2 106

Dual Hose Reels

Up to 250 GPM auxiliary pump

800 Gallons of water and 25 Gallon Foam Cell

The Aspen is our most common Type 4 engine design. With an integrated fully enclosed pumphouse, custom rear steps, spare tire storage, and 800-gallon water tank, the Aspen is used for brush fires and any mop-up situations.


Pump and Roll Capability

With 800 gallons of water, foam, and 50-250 GPM auxiliary pump capability, the Aspen is very effective in rolling hills or grassy areas due to its pump and roll capabilities.

Spare Tire Storage

The Aspen is designed with a spare tire compartment on the rear driver’s side of the engine. The custom slide-out allows crews to access and change the tire with little effort.

Large Compartment Storage

The Aspen has large amounts of storage for fire equipment, personal gear, and food. This is a great engine for long hauls where you will be living and working out of the truck for extended periods of time.

800 Gallon

The Aspen comes standard with an 800-gallon poly tank and 25-gallon foam cell. The excess water allows longer times on the fire without having to refill.

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bme delivery 2021 type 4 north carolina forest service 6
Type 4
Delivered June 2021

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