The Tamarack

Freightliner or International Chassis

Cummins L-9 350HP 1150ft. lbs of torque

Wheel storage for SCBA packs

Lowest Hosebed on the market

The Tamarack is a customized model 34 with the following changes: Lower Hosebed design to make hose and equipment more accessible and full-length upper dunnage and hard suction compartments that are incorporated into the top of the body to create more storage area.


Step Package and sand tire options
The Tamarack offers an optional step package that is a custom fabricated aluminum diamond tread plate that covers the gas tank and DEF systems. BME also offers an optional sand tire package with upgraded larger more aggressive tires.
Low Hosebed

Ladders are integrated in the hose bed to lower the overall height to eliminate injuries and facilitate loading and unloading.

Full-length Dunnage

Additional storage for gear bags, food, and emergency equipment.


Additional storage for gear bags, food, and emergency equipment. Larger Officers Storage Option in the pump house and additional dunnage.

Recent Builds

dsc 0035 (3)
Big Sky Fire Department
Type 3
Model 34
Delivered October 2022
dsc 0039
Mariposa County Fire Department
Type 3
Delivered September 2022
dsc 0192
Bexar County Fire and Rescue
Type 3
Model 34
Delivered August 2022