The Payette

1500 Gallon Poly tank and 25 Gallon foam cell

Darley JMP 500 dual stage pump

Rear Dumpshoot

International HD 507 4X4 chassis

The Payette tactical tender is a purpose-built wildland engine. Modeled after the BME Type 3, this engine is a workhorse in difficult terrain. It can be a water source when needed and also has pump and roll capability, front bumper monitor, dual hose reels, and carries 1500 gallons of water.



The Payette not only carries large amounts of water but it has huge storage compartments for gear and equipment as well as large dunnage boxes on the top and compartmentation on both sides.

Optional Tubular body Cab Height build

Water tenders can be  one of the most dangerous vehicles to operate making safety a top priority for your crew. BME offers a cab height body build to provide enhanced protection for the cab in the event of a roll over. The tubular structure helps protect the cab and provides additional support and safety.

Darley JMP 500 Two-Stage Pump

The heart of the Payette is the pump and roll capable Darley JMP 500 Two-Stage Pump. The 500 gpm pump offers great performance in pump and roll and active fire situations. The Payette also comes with a rear 180 degree dump chute and storage for a 2500 gallon snap tank.

1500 Gallon Poly tank and 30 Gallon Foam Cell

The Payette is equipped with a 1500 Gallon UPF Tank, a 30 gallon foam cell, front bumper sprayers, optional front monitor, dual hose reels, and pump and roll capabilities which adds a multitude of functionality to the engine.

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