The Mammoth

International HD 507 Chassis

1250 Gallon Poly tank -30 Gallon Foam Cell

HPX 200 Hale Pump

Brush Protection Package

The Mammoth can deliver water to remote, rigorous terrain. With a 1,250-gallon water tank, front monitor, and brush protection it not only carries water but adds fire suppression to almost any situation.


1250 Gallon Poly tank

The Xtreme Tactical Tender carries 1250 gallons of water, has a 30 gallon foam cell, and comes with dual hose reels that  have pump and roll capability.

International HV 507 Chassis

The HV 507 has a Cummins L-9 engine with 350 HP and 1150 lb. ft of torque. The chassis can be configured in a 2 or 4 door cab.

Custom BME Bumper

The BME custom-designed bumper allows a winch, front bumper monitor, dual controls for in-cab or outside operational control. Optional speaker and Q2B packages are also available.

Air Operated ICC bumper controls

When this unit leaves the pavement a button can be pushed inside the cab that elevates the ICC safety bumper up and out of the way. This addition increases the angle of departure for off-road situations.

Recent Builds

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Vaughn Fire Rescue
Xtreme Tactical Tender