The Rocky Mountain

Freightliner M2-106 or International HV 507

Rear Pump Panel

Darley JMP 500 Pump (PTO)

600 Gallon Poly Tank and 25 Gallon Foam Cell

Similar to the USFS model 346, the Rocky Mountain utilizes a Darley JMP 500gpm two-stage pump with low and high-pressure water options and rear discharges for optimal operations on mountain roads. The Rocky Mountain is built for high elevation fire fighting but has excellent pump and roll capability with a 600 gallon tank.


Truck Dimensions

Cab to axle – 74.1″

Wheel base – 187″,

Overall length – 311 ¾”

Height – 123″


Largest equipment storage of any type 3.

The 346-500R is built to store and haul equipment. The engine boasts some of the largest storage compartments in the industry and is one of the few engines where you will find excess space for all of your gear, food, and fire equipment.

Rear Pump Panel

PTO-driven JMP 500 two-stage pump with rear discharges for easy accessibility and control on steep terrain.

Wheel Base

Wheelbase of 187″

Angle of Approach 27.4 degrees

Angle of departure 28.4 degrees

Overall length 311 ¾”

Height 123″

Similar to the USFS model 346 – upgraded 500 gpm two-stage pump but dependable and utilized design.

Recent Builds

dsc 0035 (3)
Big Sky Fire Department
Type 3
Model 34
Delivered October 2022
dsc 0039
Mariposa County Fire Department
Type 3
Delivered September 2022