CAL FIRE Model 34

International Chassis

2500lbs of equipment storage

35,000lb GVWR

Tag-on opportunities

The BME Cal Fire Model 34 is an all-in-one wildland fire apparatus. Tubular body, equipment packages, and designed for responding to wildfires. This unit comes with tag-on opportunities for all California departments and can be purchased on the DGS contract.


Darley JMP 500 and 1½ AGE Kubota Auxiliary Pumps

The dual pump gives departments a more versatile option, with an additional layer of safety and demobilization in the case of a single pump failure. Both pumps have the ability to do pump and roll which makes it an effective apparatus in a multitude of fire suppression situations.

Equipment Packages

Cal Fire/OES engines are offered with multiple radio and equipment packages that provide different tools and communication options to fit your department’s needs.

Service and Dependability

This engine’s platform matches the platform used for Cal Fire and OES engines. These engines will have access to major component compatibility and incident ground support on California fires which makes finding parts and making repairs easier. 

Roll-Tek Seating

BME not only enhances your safety with tubular construction, we also offer most model 34 chassis configurations with the option to add Roll-Tek seats.

Recent Builds

dsc 0010
Cal Fire #3167
Type 3
Delivered November 2023
dsc 0007
Kern County Fire Department #3435
Type 3
Delivered November 2023