The Sequoia

Cal Fire design

Additional Rear Storage Closet

Seating for 10 people

Freightliner MV 613

The Sequoia was a collaboration with Cal Fire to address their specific needs in a crew carrier. This unit is tubularly constructed to not only provide safety but meet the demands of wildland fire fighting and off-road driving while still providing a lot of comfort to the occupants. 

The Sequoia is 18 inches longer than the Yosemite and provides additional closet storage in the rear of the body.



Freightliner MV-613 with 330-350hp and 1050 lb.ft of torque.

10- Person Crew Carrier

Seats 10 comfortably with optional 3pt Valor seating and a GVWR of 25,599 to make the unit operational without a CDL depending on which state you operate in. Please know the licensing requirements for your state before operating.


The Sequoia offers personal storage, USB chargers, cupholders, fully reclinable seats, and optional headsets at each location. It also comes with a roof-mounted AC to make sure everyone is comfortable when traveling long distances.

SAFETY – NFPA 1906-16 Compliant

Loading equal to 2.5x curb weight for roof and side loading. To pass the test, the body was allowed 5.12 inches of compression with 50,000lbs of roof weight, and our tubular structure compressed less than an 1/8th of an inch.

Recent Builds

bme delivery 2021 crew carrier cal fire 1
Crew Carrier
Delivered February 2021

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