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What Does the Alliance with Pierce Manufacturing Mean?

People have been asking, “What does this mean?”

There is not a simple answer, but at BME the changes mean the following:

1. Collaboration and R&D between two companies and firefighters to design and develop state-of-the-art wildland chassis, including custom Type 3 engines.

2. Decreased wait time on custom parts and better access to all parts.

3. Manufacturing support in multiple locations across the United States.

4. Implementing a dealer network will provide increased customer support, a better understanding of specific department’s needs, and the ability to manufacture high-quality fire apparatus.

5. Lower costs over time through improved efficiencies, better purchasing, and smarter designs.

6. Better focus on what BME does best — which is building wildland fire trucks. BME will be able to focus more on supply chain issues, schedule, quality, customer builds and getting engines out the door.

7. Government and contract sales: we will always be there to make sure we provide high-quality apparatus at an affordable price.

8. Increased warranty and better maintenance on the apparatus we provide. We will continue to push forward with our 20-year body warranty and enhance plumbing and paint warranties.

What won’t change:

1. BME leadership, quality, and customer service will not change. We will still take customer calls, answer technical questions, and serve our customers.

2. We will not cut quality or our desire to build the best wildland apparatus on the market.

3. Small departments will not be forgotten. We will be here to meet your needs and we will continue to provide products you can afford to purchase, maintain, and utilize for many years in the future.

4. Being in the alliance with Pierce will not change who we are. BME is the same company. By joining with Pierce there will be added benefits, as listed above.

We look forward to working with all our current and future clients while continuing to grow the BME family. We invite you to watch what happens over the next 12 months and our continued innovation of building the best wildland apparatus on the market. 

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