Light Rescue


Boise Mobile Equipment’s Light Rescues are a versatile option for every fire department’s needs. Built on a Ford® F550 or Dodge® Ram® 5500 chassis, BME’s Rescues are economical, offer great maneuverability, and decrease response times. Smaller vehicles necessitate better designs; our custom-designed Light Rescue bodies are not only rugged but are designed to your specifications. We strive to optimize equipment storage through the design process. Our engineers know how important storage is, and they work with each department to create the most efficient use of the entire vehicle. Built to last, BME Light Rescues use the same tubular construction as their rugged Wildland counterparts and will service your department needs for many years. You cannot go wrong by adding a BME Light Rescue to your arsenal.

BME Light Rescue Features:

  • Tubular Body Construction
  •  TIG-Welded Stainless Steel Plumbing
  • Seven Step Paint Process
  • Picture Frame Door Construction
  • Heavy-Duty Multi-Spring Mounting System


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