We build durable high quality fire apparatus that is made to withstand the harshest environments. BME apparatus is completely custom and made to fit the needs of your department. When building our engines, your Firefighters’ safety is our top priority. Our engines are made to get your crew there and get them home and with fires becoming harder to predict, we are continuously innovating our fire apparatus to help in the fight. At BME, we specialize in Wildland, Pumper, Tender, and Rescue

We build Wildland Fire Trucks that are able to withstand the harshest environments. Type 3Type 4Type 6Xtreme Type 6, and Crew Carrier

Our constant innovation sets our pumper engines apart from other pumpers on the market. BME Pumpers are completely custom to make sure to fit your departments needs. Custom and Commercial

BME Custom Water Tenders are most durable on the apparatus market. TacticalXtreme TacticalSingle Axle, and Tandem Axle.

Rescue Fire Trucks gives the user a larger truck, extra horsepower, and the ability to carry personnel to the scene. Our custom LightMedium, and Rescue Boat are always the first on the scene.

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