BME Emergency Vehicle Upfitting Partners with Local Gun Lock Manufacturer

bme upfitting partners with blac-rac gun locks

To uphold our commitment to building the safest, most durable apparatus, we are meticulous in choosing the products we rely on to build BME fire apparatus. That care extends to every division of the Boise Mobile Equipment team, including BME Emergency Vehicle Upfitting. As the largest regional upfitter of fire command and law enforcement vehicles, it is crucial that the equipment we use from radios and consoles to lighting and firearm security meet our high standards of excellence. 

Locally Manufactured, Internationally Installed

As an Idaho-based manufacturer that started from humble beginnings, we appreciate working with local small businesses that are as dedicated to safety and quality as BME. But Blac-Rac Manufacturing’s Boise-based production wasn’t what first led us to their gun locks. In fact, it was a YouTube video showing how different gun locks respond to break-in attempts that initially caught our eye, sent to us by a client looking for superior firearm security. 

That being said, we are very proud to have these internationally trusted gun locks manufactured in our neck of the woods. From their Boise, Idaho factory, Blac-Rac has shipped over 70,000 gun locks worldwide, including 6 different countries, 53 military bases, and 60,000 law enforcement agencies.

blac-rac manufacturing factory in boise

Over our two years of experience with Blac-Rac Manufacturing, we have found their gun locks to be one of the most secure and durable weapon retention systems on the market. With all steel construction and covered take-down pins, Blac-Rac makes their gun locks virtually impossible to break into by the average thief. Its versatile design also makes it a popular gun mount among our law enforcement clients, clamping around the lower receiver of the firearm to accommodate a wide range of weapon types and optics. These factors, along with quick deployment times and easy installation, make the Blac-Rac our go-to gun lock for police vehicle upfits.

emergency vehicle upfitting

A One-Stop Shop for First Responders

When we upfit fire and law vehicles at BME Emergency Vehicle Upfitting, quality is our top priority. While our clients appreciate the quick turnaround times that we pride ourselves on, we will never sacrifice quality in the process. Working with reliable companies like Blac-Rac Manufacturing is part of what makes that possible. As with BME Fire Trucks, our clients can trust that every vehicle we upfit will exemplify the BME Difference, providing safety, durability, and quality performance in the line of duty.

If your department is looking for a reliable emergency vehicle upfitter, visit our upfitting services page or email upfitting@bmefire.com for more information.

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