The Yosemite

Freightliner M2-106 Chassis

Seating for 10

NFPA 1906-16 Crush tested

70 Gallon Fuel tank

The Yosemite is built on a Freightliner M2-106 chassis with the ability to hold 10 personnel. Tubular built and crush tested to meet new NFPA 1906-16 standards, it is one of the safest and most comfortable crew carriers on the market. 

Roof-mounted AC units and individual stations give your crew comfort and space when traveling long distances.


Custom Seating

Optional 3pt harness with Valor seating that fully reclines, personal storage, USB chargers, and cup-holders make traveling safe, effective, and without complaints.

Multiplex Wiring

Multiplexing offers the ability to read diagnostics and troubleshoot systems when problems occur. It also allows programmability, smart buttons, and adaptability when vehicle modifications are added. 

Multiplexing also offers vehicle data monitoring and usage reports that can be transmitted and monitored easily.

Roof Mounted AC Unit

BME crew carriers use ACT(American Cooling Technology) systems as a standard for temperature control. Both the Yosemite and the Sequoia rely on the same system.

Evaporator: EV-1, 12V, 60,000BTU/HR, Heat Coil Option Available 

Condenser: CS-3, 12v, 82,000BTU/HR, 3 fans

SAFETY – NFPA 1906-16 Compliant

Loading equal to 2.5x curb weight for roof and side loading. To pass the test, the body was allowed 5.12 inches of compression with 50,000lbs of roof weight, and our tubular structure compressed less than an 1/8th of an inch. It is one of the safest vehicles on the market. Information based on CAPE test and report completed in 2021.

Recent Builds

dsc 0036
Warmsprings Hotshots
Crew Carrier
Delivered August 2022
dsc 0117
Alpine Hotshots
Crew Carrier
Delivered June 2022
dsc 0212
BIA - Navajo
Crew Carrier
Delivered May 2022
dsc 0008
BIA - Geronimo
Crew Carrier
Delivered May 2022
dsc 0027
Reedley College Crew Carriers
Crew Carrier
Delivered April 2022
dsc 0004
BIA - Navajo & Geronimo Crew Carriers
Crew Carrier
Delivered March 2022
dsc 0051
BLM - Vale & Craig Hotshots
Crew Carrier
Delivered February 2022
bme apparatus crew-carrier yosemite gallery 1
BLM - Zuni Hotshots
Crew Carrier
Delivered June 2021

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