Boise Mobile Equipment (BME) is excited to partner with Sutphen Corporation as part of their dealership program. Sutphen offers a great opportunity for us to expand their footprint in the fire industry with the addition of aerial lines, engines, and chassis platforms. We are committed to building and providing the best fire apparatus for our customers, and partnering as a Sutphen dealer is a step in the right direction.

BME is the official Sales and Service Representative for Sutphen Fire Apparatus in the states of California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming.

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Sutphen Aerial Platforms feature the Mid-Mount design that provides unsurpassed safety, performance, reliability, and maneuverability. Only one out and down jack each side provides the industry’s quickest and most compact set-up. The Mid-Mount design with a high pivot point gives firefighters the capability of working at low angles over the cab, and work on a 360-degree basis without moving the apparatus. The aerial device itself is constructed using patented Huck Bolt technology, the same that is used in commercial and military aircraft. The elimination of welding the aerial reduces the risk of fatigue and cracked welds that can lead to costly repair and down time. The aerial is a four sided, box-boom design, allowing for a stronger aerial device and a totally enclosed, protected waterway. Sutphen Aerial Platforms are available in tandem and single axle models, the only one in the industry.




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The Sutphen SP95 features a 93′ 7″ vertical reach, and the SP100 a full 100′.  Both models have 1000 lbs. dry and 500 lbs. wet tip load capacities.  As with every Sutphen Platform, the SP95 and SP100 have a 3:1 safety design ratio, #6061-T6 aluminum box boom construction, and includes a 2-year aerial device mechanical warranty and a 20-year aerial device structural warranty.

These models have proven to be the reliable work horses of every department in which they have served. With rock solid hydraulic controls combined with state-of-the-art electronics, these aerial platforms provide years of service even in the harshest conditions.


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What if your first out engine had all the capabilities of a platform? The Sutphen SP70 Aerial Platform makes that a reality.  The SP 70 combines the best of our mid-mounted, Huck bolted, aluminum aerial construction, with the custom craftsmanship of our pumper line to give you one of the most versatile Aerial Products on the market.

With a short wheelbase and short overall length, the truck is easy to maneuver through tight streets and subdivisions. The compartments are large, full depth, and offer as much storage as a rescue pumper.  The SP 70 will carry up to 500 gallons of water, and a full NFPA Quint compliment of ladders.  All of these features combined with the signature Sutphen mid-mount aerial design and boom strength result in an Aerial Platform that truly drives and operates like a pumper.


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We’ve taken our original mid-mount design to a whole new level. With the SPH 100 Aerial Platform, you get better maneuverability, greater versatility, and more fire-fighting capability than any other mid-mount aerial apparatus on the market.

The shorter wheelbase and shorter overall length allow this aerial platform to maneuver easily through tight city streets, cul-de-sacs, and apartment or business complexes.  Now with different body options featuring up to 300 cubic feet of usable compartment space, The SPH 100 provides plenty of room for tool mounting boards, storage of rescue tools, fans, and even long handled tools.  The large, safe platform features almost 20 square feet of working space and can be easily accessed from the ground without having to walk the length of the ladder.



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