Boise Mobile Equipment’s Wildland Fire Apparatus are designed and manufactured to the utmost demanding performance and durability standards. 30 years of proven field performance have made BME Engines the “go to” equipment in the Wildland Market.

BME Fire, We Are Wildland

There is a reason why our name is synonymous with “Wildland”. We have manufactured fire apparatus for the US Forest Service, BLM, CalFire and many large municipalities, including LA County, San Bernardino, and Ventura. Constant feedback from agencies and firefighters using our trucks help us create and build better Wildland Fire Trucks. We continue in our commitment to not only build the best in the industry, but also, the safest. Tubular constructed bodies provide an added layer of safety and durability in some of the harshest and rugged environments. Safer, more effective firefighting begins with a dependable, high-quality BME Wildland Fire Apparatus.




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