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Boise Mobile Equipment (BME) opened its doors in 1990 and has been serving the fire industry and firefighters for 28 years. It has been a pleasure having the opportunity to meet many of the fine men and women who are serving in the fire industry. I admire the values and traditions that this profession instills and the honor, respect, camaraderie, and trust that are its unwritten motto. 

BME has always been known and respected for manufacturing the best Wildland apparatus in the industry. There is a reason why BME’s name is synonymous with Wildland or #WeAreWildland. Over the past 28 years, we have manufactured fire apparatus for the US Forest Service, BLM, and many large municipalities, including LA County, San Bernardino, and Ventura. We recently were awarded the new CalFire contract for Model 34 Wildland Engines for the state of California. Constant feedback by agencies and firefighters using our trucks help us create and build better Wildland Fire Trucks. BME continues in its commitment to not only build the best Wildland Fire Trucks in the industry, but also, the safest.  Tubular constructed bodies provide an added layer of safety and durability in some of the harshest and rugged environments. We know equipment does not make the firefighter, but having a BME Fire Truck does make them better.

We are constantly working to improve our Wildland vehicles, and also our manufacturing processes, so I wanted to list some of the significant changes over the last four years:

Some significant changes at BME over the last four years:

  • Engineering – New 3D CAD programs that allow us to demonstrate customer designs and make modifications before the build process begins.
  • Implementation and use of an MRP system to control manufacturing processes.
  • Purchase and use of two Amada lasers to improve precision, fit and finish.
  • Additional 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space with 8,000 square feet of offices to accommodate demand and growth projections.
  • Dedicated Service Department – Full-time service professionals, mobile service vans, dedicated EVTs, and additional partnerships with service centers in other states.

Honored traditions at BME that will not change:

  • Tubular constructed Wildland bodies that have the highest SAFETY standards and BEST DURABILITY in the market
  • TIG-welded stainless steel plumbing
  • Best paint in the industry with a 7-year warranty that is not pro-rated
  • Emergency vehicles that can be serviced in the field and parts that are non-proprietary

Salespeople: We understand and know that our relationship is a long-term commitment to earn your trust. We make two commitments to every customer. First, you will always be treated with respect and given honest answers. Period. Second, we stand behind our product and will make sure it is built to your specifications and operates in the purpose it was intended. It is a fire truck and should be used for that purpose.    

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve with the great men and women of the fire industry. BME will continue to produce the best Wildland engines, rescues, tenders, crew carriers, and custom pumpers on the market. Whether its custom manufacturing, refurbishment, upfitting, repairs, or preventative maintenance, we would appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for the continued support of our company and the trust you have placed in BME equipment.


Chad Moffat

Willing to do what others won't. Able to do what others can't.

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